Car batteries sometimes go flat all of a sudden. Or you might have left the lights on overnight, and that caused the battery to drain. It is annoying when you discover the car cannot start, leaving you stranded. Make the smart move by calling Inglewood Tow when you are in Inglewood or Los Angeles areas. We will provide you with a quick jump start service to solve this problem. Nobody likes to wait too long by the roadside; we can respond fast and provide quick assistance.

How to Prevent the Need for Car Jump Start Service

Unplug any charging accessories in any of the charging ports. One phone plugged in for charging does not seem to drain the battery in any way. If there are multiple devices plugged in at the same time, or a high consuming voltage device is plugged in, then the battery will be drained rapidly.

Always check your lights before you exit your car. Most drivers need a battery jump because they left headlights or the interior lights on all night. Just double-check before you leave the vehicle.

Getting the car checked regularly helps. Pay attention to this when the car needs extra time to get started when you get into the driving seat for the day. It is a fast and simple way to prevent possible roadside situations.

Examine any irregularities in the car battery. For instance, look out for any bulging in the battery housing, or corrosion on the posts. These are signs that the car battery needs special attention

Car batteries won’t last forever, they need to be replaced every three to five years, depending on the type of battery you possess. Get the battery tested when it has been used for a few years so that you can avoid a possible dead battery issue.

Professional Jump Start Service for Our Valued Customers

Inglewood Tow is happy to serve you when you need a car jump start service. Our team has the equipment, resources, and time to come to any location in Inglewood and surrounding areas. We understand the inconvenience of needing someone quickly to service you, thus our roadside technicians will arrive and provide assistance.

Should you need towing services, we would also be glad to bring you to the nearest auto repair station that will meet your needs. We have been serving the local community and drivers for years. Call us anytime when you need a 24-hour professional jump start service near me.

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