Light duty towing will come in handy at a certain point on the road. You will not know when a car part will malfunction, encounter a fender-bender, or a car accident.

Light duty towing involves moving vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, SUVs, or sedans. The vehicles are categorized as having a gross weight vehicle rating (GVWR) of less than 10,000 pounds. Light duty towing typically involves towing in city areas. Because these types of vehicles are common in these areas. Tow truck drivers will use the right tow truck based on the towing situation.

Our tow trucks come with 2 types; flatbed towing for added security, and wheel lift towing for fast mobility. Our drivers are very knowledgeable about modern towing and recovery methods. They know exactly how to handle various types of vehicles with the utmost care.

Our Tow Trucks for Light Duty Towing

Wheel lift towing is probably the type of towing you imagined when you first think of a tow truck. This tow truck has a metal yoke attached to a boom which is hydraulic powered. The metal yoke can be used to lift the front pair or rear pair of wheels in the air, leaving the remaining pair of weeks on the ground. Wheel lift tow trucks are great for towing in small and tight spaces. This is so when towing is down in low clearance parking. These tow trucks are agile and highly mobile, making them an excellent option for towing over short distances.

Flatbed towing is generally considered the safest way to transport your vehicle from one location to another. The tow truck has a platform that is also hydraulic powered and can lower the platform at an inclined angle to the ground. The vehicles can be driven up onto the platform, or be pulled onto it using a winch system situated at the top of the platform. When the vehicle is in place, the platform is leveled back for safe transportation. We highly recommend using flatbed towing for towing jobs such as long-distance towing, towing all-wheel-drive, moving high-end cars, or towing vehicles that are immobilized.

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We are committed to giving the best light duty towing services. With our comprehensive fleet of tow trucks, our light duty tow units are placed at the prominent location so that our drivers will provide the vehicle support whenever needed. With advance and the advanced equipment in the industry, we are apt to provide the highest-quality light duty towing to our customers. We can tow light-duty vehicles like cars, motorcycles, small-trailers, and more. Our goal is to assist you as quickly as possible. You can depend on our drivers who are trained and experienced in any situation.

Light Duty Towing Services

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